Never Be Too Proud to Serve Someone Else

If you're lost and confused as to where you should be in life, I would recommend you to volunteer your time to a cause you believe in. Whatever it might be, volunteering is a way to help your community, add experience to your resume, network with others, and help others. 

Contrary to belief, life isn't just about you, and volunteering your services will add perspective to your life. It might even remind you that your life isn't that bad, but most importantly it will allow you to serve someone else. Serving someone else is a valuable characteristic in both a personal level and professional level. 

Never be too proud to serve someone else.

LJR Arts Academy is a non-profit organization that I truly believe in. This organization takes kids off the streets of the IE (Inland Empire) and helps them discover their talents and how to utilize those talents to become more confident in who they are. 

Below are two promotional videos I helped shoot.