Growing Pains...

Day 15- Growing Pains.

Remember when you were a kid, and there were nights where your legs were in pain and you didn't know why? My dad use to tell me those were growing pains. He use to say I was getting bigger and growing up.

I always remember the feeling as being painful and I was anxious for the process to be over.

Well I believe there is a time in a woman's life where everything seems to be getting bigger, more intense, all while you still don't feel ready for the change. The change feels unexpected. It's exciting, yet it's scary. You've never been through this stage of life, yet you're anxious to see where it's going to lead you. It's confusing and yet a little painful.

I believe this is what great writers meant when they wrote about a "rite of passage". Usually a rite of passage is connected to a ritual or ceremony which signifies change. Graduation for many students in the beginning of the rite of passage. This is where you go from "college student" to "working adult". Sometimes you don't realize everything is changing. It's not until you venture out into the world in seek your calling that you start to feel the process of these "growing pains".

The "growing pains" are exactly how they sound. They are unpleasant at times, but you know once the process is over, you will have formed into something you weren't before. You will be stronger, taller, more mature. I think it's important to understand these changes because sometimes you feel like you are all alone in this stage- but the feeling is universal. Everyone from across the world, can relate to this feeling. It may be at different stages or times, but there is always going to be a change or shift in someones life. Nothing ever stays the same, but it's not suppose to.

Be excited. Don't be afraid. It may feel like the first time you got on a bike and peddled down a bumpy path not knowing how to control the bike. Your body tensed up, and you wanted to jump off... but remember how it felt to finally hit a sailing point. You didn't need anybody's help, you didn't need training wheels, and the process actually became fun and relaxing? I think it's sort of going to be like that.