Patience is a Virtue

Day 6- Patience is a Virtue

Patience is truly necessary in this life. And the quicker you understand this, the more you will enjoy every step of this journey you are on.

Sometimes you can work so hard to achieve a goal, you can put your all and continue to strive, and expect that this goal happens because you've worked so hard for it to happen - but it doesn't happen.

It's not that it's not going to happen.. it's a test of your patience and endurance. I believe life is constantly testing our patience.

Can you stand the test of time?
When you said you really wanted it, did you mean it?
Even if you had to work and wait for it, are you going to continue to pursue it?

This is a test. Continue to strive, to go for the goal, and prove how much you do want what you set your heart on.

Because once it is spoken, it is already yours- you just have to commit, continue to work, and most importantly, be patient.

Don't give up what you want most for what you want now.