Never Fight a Battle that Isn't Worth the Win

Day 5- Never fight a battle that isn't worth the win

Something I struggle with, and am constantly learning to do is - not fight every battle.

What this means to me is there are times where people can get really difficult or disagree with you and want to start an argument. Sometimes these arguments are small and random and sometimes they can get out of hand. Just learn to let some of these instances go.

Even if you know your right, weigh the situation out in your head first. If you know this win isn't worth the stress it takes for you to argue your point- just stay quiet and let your opponent take it. Trust me, it isn't worth it.

On the other hand, if a situation arises where you feel the need to say something because it really is that important to you, than say something.

Just be aware that most potential arguments are unnecessary. Everyone has their differences. Not everyone has the same beliefs, morals, or upbringings to understand life the way you understand life. Thats what makes everyone unique.

Just do your best to never fight a battle that isn't worth the win.