Missing the Big Picture...

It was 10:30 at night, and I had just worked a full shift. Work can sometimes be stressful, especially when you see everyone else outside playing and you feel trapped in doors.

The night didn't go according to plan. Tonight, I wasn't going to spend time with the one person who could take my mind off all these crazy, overly-worked days.

I started to throw a fit. Like a child, I began whining about my how life wasn't fair. I finally got home and slept.

The next morning, it was a brand new day. The day seemed fresh, and I felt re-energized. As I began my morning with some positive, re-affirming thoughts- It hit me.

I'm missing the big picture.

Sometimes, when you're aiming to hit that place in your career where you know you are meant to be, there is a great deal of sacrifice.

Some late work nights, no days off, not being able to spend time with family or friends, missing your routine workout. These are all sacrifices for the bigger picture.

You may not see it right now, but you are painting the picture little by little. I often make the mistake of forgetting to see the bigger picture, and focusing on the things I am giving up.

Focusing on the negative, gives you a negative outlook.

My whole adult life I waited for an opportunity like this... and if you're facing obstacles in your career that you have yet to face, I encourage you to 'Focus on the Bigger Picture'.

Challenges that force you to stretch yourself further than you have gone before are challenges to be grateful for. Those challenges are meant to test your limits.

Everyday, remind yourself- There is a special, unique plan that was only tailored for your life. Be grateful for the plan, and be excited, because everyday you are getting closer to it.