Don't Take it Personal

Day 9- Don't take it personal

There will be times in your personal life and career where people will say something or do something to try and discourage you from your path.

Try not to take it so personal.

Sometimes they will have done that because they were not brought up with proper etiquette. You can call them out or you can let it go, your choice.

But other times, it will be because the image of you forces them to self-reflect on their own life. Maybe they don't like what they see in their personal life which causes them to push their frustration on you.

Just try to remain centered. Keep your focus on your purpose and what it serves. Stay true to yourself. You're not always going to do things perfect, and constructive criticism is welcomed, but don't let others limit your ability.

You set the standard for your abilities. Don't get clouded by the voices around you.

And for goodness sake, don't take it so personal.