Don't Be Jealous Of Others

Day 1: Don't Be Jealous of Others

Have you ever heard the saying, "the grass is always greener on the other side"?

I believe this saying has more to do with perception and less to do with reality.

Sometimes our perception gets a little out of focus. There are times where we focus on everything that is difficult in our own lives and began to notice how others seem to have it much easier.

This is where the perception gets a little blurred.

I believe everyone has there own "difficult" times. Everyone has their own struggles in life, and why focus on the good in other lives, when there is good in your own.

There is a path to follow. Take it for the good and the bad because it is unique to only your own personal life.

With difficult times also come true and great blessings, and character added to your life.

Whenever your vision starts to get blurred by your surrounding, just re-focus your vision back to your path. Learn to make your path better.

Let others be excited for what they have, and learn to be excited for what you have.

You may not know it, but someone is probably looking at your life wishing for the same.

Take control of your emotion, and learn to be grateful. You only live once, so spend your one life with a grateful heart and the blessings you already own.