Do Your Best to Never Complain

Day 2: I think complaining sometimes comes across as weak.

Think about it, if someone is constantly complaining about their job, their life, their lack of money, or whatever the case might be.. they sound a little weak and sometimes annoying.

Catch yourself before you complain. You may be annoying someone and not even know it.

I realized how horrible this sounded when I found myself doing it all week long. I freely spoke to my parents about how difficult my schedule was, how I never have time for anything and blah blah blah. Thats what I'm sure my parents started to hear after awhile.

Instead of me freely venting, they started to worry about me and my well-being. Definitely not a sign of strength.

I don't think complaining makes anyone sound stronger or deserving of an advancement in their life. Some of the most hardest working people I know rarely complain.

And if you're at work, and are constantly complaining about work, others will take notice.

Also, consider what you are complaining about and how you can take the steps to change the current situation.

Maybe what you're complaining about isn't even that bad.

Just a word of advice, try to catch yourself before you start to complain about something. Save your breath, and remember what you are grateful for.

Refocusing your energy on what makes you happiest is the best way to slowly shift your attitude and your overall inner peace.