Count Your Nutrition, Not Your Calories

Day 3: Count Your Nutrition, Not Your Calories

Who has the time to count calories? Today I watched a video made by a Youtube blogger named "Clothesencounters". I am going to link it below. The video was about her tips for losing 10 lbs.

I think a lot of girls (and boys too) struggle with their weight. I know I did for the longest time, and sometimes still do.

The last 10 lbs are usually the hardest. In the video she mentioned an iphone app called "The Eatery", which I think is a very effective way to monitor your food especially if you are struggling with healthy eating.

I never really liked the idea of counting calories. I believe your body signals your brain when you have eaten enough. Your body even signals your brain when you are going into "over-eating" mode. Our bodies are uniquely designed in that way.

I once asked a personal trainer, "How do I lose weight?"

And she said this  -Work out, but more importantly, watch what you eat. Eating right is something everyone knows how to do. It's kind of like common sense. When you want chicken, choose the grilled, not fried. When you want bread, chose the whole grain, not white. When you want chips, understand it has no nutrition and packed with calories. Your body will still crave the nutrition and force you to eat again even though you have probably gobbled down 500 calories worth of chips.

So aim not to count your calories, but to understand the nutrition in the food you eat, how it will affect your health, your looks, and your well-being.

Enjoy the Video! xox