Be True to Your Inner Self

Day 4: Be True to your inner self.

We came into this with world without material possessions and we will leave this world without material possessions, so then why are so many of our decisions based around material possessions?

I read a story about a girl who sold everything she had for $700, and moved to a place where she didn't know anyone, just so that she could re-invent herself. Her story is actually very interesting. I met this girl once, and I truly believe she came into my path to share a piece of her story with me.

Her name is Necole. She started her own online celebrity blog which has quickly expanded since five years ago when she began.

I will link her story below.

I truly believe we are made to have certain dreams and ambitions for a reason. I don't think these dreams are just a far fetched fantasy. I believe these dreams are gifts that were handed to every individual person. In my heart, I feel like these dreams are our callings in life.

Every person has a unique calling. No one path is ever going to be the same. So be true to your inner self. Understand that your calling will be different from your neighbors, and keep focused. Don't let the desire for material possessions bind you from accomplishing these dreams.

Everything will come in due time, on the right time, and not always on your time.