Lonely for the Holidays?

How to deal with being alone for the holidays. I call this the "Felicity Effect", where Felicity decides not to go home for the thanksgiving holiday and ends up spending time with friends instead of family.

This year Christmas fell on a Tuesday, so my family decided to celebrate over the weekend. Unfortunately, I work most weekends and couldn't make it to the celebrations.

This will definitely be the first year I spend Christmas away from my family. However, I decided to make light of the situation and call some friends up to spend time with.

If you ever find yourself alone for the Holidays, just know your not alone. Try hosting your own party and invite some friends over.

Or better yet, bake some cookies at home and stop by and see someone you haven't seen for awhile.

The other alternative is Skype or Face-time with friends and family.

I Faced-Timed with my family last night and still got to enjoy the kids opening their presents.

Regardless, make an effort to remember what Christmas is all about.

 Its not about how much you have, but rather how much you make of what you have.

Happy Holidays,