6) Challenge Myself

Today I decided to challenge myself to


My cousin Nathan is a on this challenge until June 2013- so me and my cousin Priscilla decided to join in. 

I have always wanted to be a healthy eater but like many, I find it really challenging. I had some success with losing weight when I started working out and truly staying committed, but I think it's time to challenge myself with a new goal. Eating clean for me means eating food that benefits my body rather than choices that slow down my body. This can also mean finding alternatives for junk food choices.

I will show ideas of meal options along the way. If anyone is struggling with eating healthy, I will aim to give you ideas throughout this challenge. 


A Checklist of things I am going to accomplish before the year is over:

1) A leap forward in my career

2) Prepare for a move from current city

3) Begin to learn a new language

4) Plan for a big trip across the country or internationally

5) See or discover something I have yet to see or discover

6) Challenge myself to do something I didn't think I was capable of doing

7) Discover my true passion in life and pursue it relentlessly

Three down... Four more to Go!