Yes... I'm definitely my daddy's little girl. He has taught me so much in my life, and I am so grateful for a strong, wonderful, loving dad. Today, 50 years ago he was born to Guadalupe and Benny Estrada.

For me my dad has meant so much to me. My dad has stayed consistent in my life through all my years. He is a big jokester, but doesn't let me get out of hand. He is protective, but encourages me to explore. He has loved my mom unconditionally and taught me the meaning of loving your significant other. He values the unique qualities of each of his children. He has set the bar really high for my future husband. He dreams big for me, and doesn't let me give up on my dreams. He supports what is good- and stands firm on his morals. He keeps things honest and down to earth for me. He leads through actions and believes in giving all he can to help his family.

I love you dad so very much! You are and always have been an amazing daddy. You have helped me form into a strong, confident woman. Thank you for being a major figure in my life. I wish you the best today and everyday!