Thinking of Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Interview: Owners of Chic Fashion in Downey, CA

Here is an interview me and my colleague (Alex Biston) did for The interview was with two young female entrepreneurs who started their own fashion boutique in Downey, California, called The Chic Fashion. I chose to interview these girls for those of you who are looking into starting your own business as well. Just to give you a background on these two girls- Vanessa and Aisha are sisters. One worked in the healthcare industry, and the other was looking for her passion. They both wanted a creative outlet and loved to shop, so they purchased their boutique only a few months ago. The store was originally titled, "Beso", but they are doing a re-grand opening and will start sales September 8, 2012.

Their clothes are reasonably priced starting from $4-$30. Not too bad for a girl on a budget.

Hope you enjoy and feel inspired!