If I Could Interview Anyone...

This is an interview James Lipton did with Dave Chapelle about his life, rise to stardom, and the reason he walked away from it all. This is a really popular interview, and my favorite of all the interviews I've ever studied. I was once asked, "If there was anyone in the world you could sit down and interview, who would it be?" And my answer was Dave Chapelle. [Catch the full interview below]

Dave Chapelle is thoughtful, reflective, and down to earth with his audience.

Some Highlights from the interview:

> Dave walked away from a $50 million contract because Dave Chapelle felt the price of fame was more than he was willing to pay

> Dave Chapelle’s parents are educated

> His Mom has her Masters and PHD and 

> His father was a professor at Antioch College 

>  Dave says he was not a good student

> Dave has a brother and a sister

> Dave Chapelle knew he wanted to be a comedian after reading a Times magazine article about Bill Cosby

> Dave Chapelle was boo’ed off stage for the first time while doing stand up at the Apollo, but ironiclly he describes that moment as being a very “liberating experience” because it was the moment he became fearless

> Eddie Murphy encouraged Dave Chapelle to start writing

> Favorite lesson from interview, 34:39 mins in: “the worst thing to call somebody is ‘crazy’, [because] it's dismissive. [To say] I don’t understand this person [so] ‘they’re crazy’, thats bull****! ...Maybe their environment is a little sick”

Dave Chapelle's full interview.