Me (so happy)!

My mom gave me this necklace as a grad gift, it means = protect your heart, you hold the key to your happiness 

My niece, sis-in-law, lil bro and big bro

My niece is doing the "Nicki Minaj"face.. lol

I finally completed units for my Masters of Business Administration! I officially completed my MBA program- I am so happy to announce that I successfully completed my program! It was a challenge, and something I honestly wasn't sure I was capable of doing.

My College Story (well... some of it)

When I first graduated from my undergrad at UC Santa Barbara, I really thought this was it. I believed my life would began adulthood, and I would find the job of my dreams. But I was wrong.. way wrong...  like not even close to finding my dream job. The problem was, I didn't really know what I wanted- so I applied for everything and anything. This process was frustrating and I needed some direction. I really didn't want to go back to school because I was scared. I didn't think I had it in me. College has always been a struggle for me. Although I didn't think I had the brains, I always felt I had the determination, and I think that could be a really good thing. Having determination has driven me to challenge myself when I really didn't fully believe I was capable of achieving. And the funny thing is... anyone can possess determination. Maybe not everyone can truly be a genius, but everyone can challenge themselves in ways beyond belief. I use to think you needed to truly "believe" in yourself to make it... but thats not always true. I'm not sure I can say I ever truly "believed" in myself, I just kept trying. I finally decided to go back to school for the one major that scared me most... Business! And I had a new challenge.. the challenge I gave myself was to work, find an internship, and graduate in ONE year. If I didn't accomplish this goal, I wasn't going to beat myself up, but I wanted to test my capabilities. And now I'm at the end of that road... I worked, I got an internship in Los Angeles, and I completed my Masters of Business Administration program in exactly one year!

All of this to say, sometimes you may think you are not capable of achieving your dreams, but challenge yourself.. you might surprise yourself. 

I can't say I have found the job of my dreams just yet... that is my next challenge.. but it's coming.. I know it. More on that later..

Something I think about when times seem daunting

Do not focus on the here or now, focus on greater purpose of your life. The greater purpose, whatever it might be, is the real reason you exist.