First day of School!

Lol.. me and my cousin Carlos first day of kindergarten!

I recently went shopping with my lil nephew JJ for his first day of Kindergarten. The new school year is approaching for so many students, and I started to think about the first day I was a student. I remember being excited and scared at the same time. I was shy and hated when my parents left me. I always had a lot of friends, and loved that I had my cousins to go to school with. Even though I was a good student, I use to always say... "I can't wait to be all grown up, so I never have to go to school again. " Lol, back then, I didn't know what role school would play in my life as an adult. School is not for everyone, but learning from others is a vital part of growth.

What is your first memory of going to school?

Me+ JJ + Amariah
Me and JJ

As you can tell... my nephew likes to do goofy poses. I think he might be the class clown of his class.. ;)