I Joined the Gym Today!

I know this sounds silly... but I think the longest I have ever been an official "member" of a gym was for 4 mos. I usually find creative ways to work out because I use to think "gym-time" seemed sooo tedious and kinda boring.

But my sister in law (FancyMommy) convinced me to do it. Today was my first day going. It was sooo much fun. I think gym time is much better when you have a workout partner to keep you motivated and challenge you. I spent almost 2 hours there! Which is weird for me, because after an hour, most routines have lost my attention span. 

Some of my favorite ways to workout if you don't like the gym:

1) Walking

Whether it be long distance walking, short distance walking, walking the dog, walking through hills... walking is a great workout! And don't let people tell you that you can't lose weight walking, because you can! I certainly did. ;)

One way I like to challenge myself is walk along the sidewalk, stepping down and stepping back up for some added toning. Works like a charm.

2) Biking

Biking, to me, is only fun if your on a beach cruiser and your outdoors along the beach or in your neighborhood. 

3) Work out Videos

My favorite is Julian Michael's. She kicks your butt and has a lot of great toning exercises mixed in with cardio moves. If your a beginner, try one of her "Biggest Loser" videos. Her "Biggest Loser" videos still have the ability to make me sweat.

4) Dancing

I love dancing. Sometimes I just dance while I'm home because no one is around to stop me. lol

5) Jump Roping

I just recently got into jump roping. I heard you can lose more calories jump roping for 10 mins than walking for an hour. I don't know if thats true, but its something I do when I don't have a lot of time to workout. Sometimes, I'll even add light ankle weights while I do it (it keeps me stable). 

What are some of your fun, easy workout plans? I'd like to add some variety to my mix :)