The Pirate Show in Buena Park, CA

                                                                    Me & My Dad

                                                          Dad, Mom, & niece Carolina

                                                         Brothers and Sisters! (and lil nephew)

                                                                          The Boyz!

                                                                   Beautiful Parents

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Yesterday night me and my family attended the Pirate Show to celebrate Fathers Day! It was a fun show! Lots of fighting, dancing, and laughter!

To My Dad: Dear Dad, you are extremely special in my life. I am so grateful you have been my role model and given me direction throughout life. You continually check in on me, and instruct me. It was you who taught me that I could fly with my own wings. When I was little, I remembered you as loving, kind, and the king of our household. Now that I am an adult, I see you as self-less, God-fearing, devoted, and the protector of our family. Not much changes with the love of my father. I am very blessed to have you. Because of you, I know the devoted endless love a husband has for his wife. Because of you, I want to help others. Because of you, I am the woman I am today.

Thank you and I hope you have an amazing fathers day!


ps. I love you too momma! ;)
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