The Plan to Get Your Skinny On.

 Dear Friend,

I was inspired to write this blog after speaking to one of my BFF's! She has been trying to lose weight and get healthy for some time now. Many of us struggle to stay fit (including me!). A very fit friend of mine sent me her routine for eating right and staying lean. I am going to attach the plan here. I started the plan today. If anyone would like to join me, please comment below. I am excited to get started. Good luck!

Portion Size: The palm of your hand
Eat every 3hours
Make sure to eat within one hour after you wake up. Your body has fasted over night while sleeping; therefore, your metabolism has shut off. Eating first thing in the morning wakes  up your metabolism and puts your body in the fat burning zone.  
Stop eating carbs 2-3 hours before you go to bed. If you have carbs in your system that haven’t been burned off, it will store as fat as your metabolism is now asleep.  


Cardio – 30-45 mins (best done first thing in the morning on empty stomach) by doing so, you dip into your fat reserve tank, verses burning off carbs if you ate something prior to working out.
Weight training – 30mins to an hour

My workouts consist of the following:

Monday – Cardio 30mins followed by: leg work out and abs.
Tuesday -  Cardio 30mins followed by: shoulder and triceps ( back of your arms) always includes, pushups, pull-ups and dips.
Wed        -  Cardio 30mins followed by: leg work out and abs
Thurs      -  Cardio 30mins followed by: back and biceps
Fri            -  Cardio ( jogging outside) followed by: Abs
Sat           -  Workout videos ( Brazilian Butt lift) Love it..  If you can afford to purchase this video, you will love the results. It also come with an ab video (tummy tuck) and cardio dance moves.. It’s awesome.