Step 3.. Using Yourself to Create a Brand Image

So last night, I was in my "Marketing" class and my Professor was discussing the importance of using your personal image to brand what you want to be in life. I thought this was interesting because we see this everywhere. The way you dress can convey a message before even speaking.

So how do you want to be perceived?

What comes to mind is a friend of mine from high school. I remember this girl was so beautiful, she literally looked like Shakira. She was popular, and she liked to party, dance, and wear skimpy clothing even on regular school days. She looked like the image of a "party girl" yet she was our class-victorian, and went on to attend law school.

The impression she left with me was that you can't always judge a book by its cover- but also, that even smart girls want to be deemed "sexy" girls. Often the image perceived in media today gives the impression that either your sexy and stupid or you're educated and must fit the "professional" norms and not allow your beauty to distract away from your words. So I ask, Why do we have to choose between the two opposing images? Its hard when you don't see a lot of examples out there of a woman with sex appeal who also presents herself in an intelligent manner.

My goal is to bring both attractiveness and intelligence to one fit. I never thought I would be attending a Masters program, let alone a business program. A part of me was even scared at attempting "business" all together. I didn't think I had it in me, but I truly want to be an example. A part of me just wanted the education to say I did it! To say I marked it off my list of life ambitions. But I have a feeling this MBA is going to prove to be a major tool in my success to come.

Whats an ambition you have, but are afraid to pursue?