A note of love and encouragement...

Just wanted to share this note my cousin Albert sent me while I was in class tonight. It was so sweet.. Hope everyone has family in their lives that lift them up like I do..

"Just wanted to express to you my beautiful cousin, how proud and happy I am of you.What a strong and smart woman you've come to be. Your perseverance to overcome adversaries and obstacles, I would like to see anyone do that with half the class and patience as you. The values you keep near and dear have shaped you in the vivacious, caring, and courageous woman you are. What a pleasure to call you not only 'my' cousin but mi familia."

If you have a cousin, sister, brother, dad or mom that you want to encourage and lift up, I encourage you to send them a little note as well. This really made my day. So simple yet so powerful. This is why I love my family <3