On my Grind..

Finals are next week and I am so excited! This quarter was really challenging. I had to take "Finance" this quarter, and I have to admit, I was really scared. I am not a "statistical" person in the least. I didn't like working with figures or financial predictions, but I must say, I did pretty well for myself!

Well, maybe I should wait for final grades to come out before I make those claims..

I will keep you posted! 

As for the rest of my week-- I am applying for internships at some Los Angeles television stations, so I pray I get one of them.

I also just got my practice reel back from CMEG (Creative Management Entertainment Group). It is odd to see myself and also see how I shy I get on camera, but I am studying the video every night and making mental notes on ways to improve. I will post that video soon so you can see as well. Also, make comments and give me your suggestions if you have them. I will warn you though.. it is a ROUGH/ RAW draft, but its part of the work that goes into working on camera, so you will get to see that. 

<3 Enjoy your week!