Temptu Airbrush

I wanted to do a review for you on the Temptu airbrush system. As a Sephora makeup artist, you often get comped the luxury brands in makeup and the temptu is our most technologically advanced system. The Temptu often looks intimidating, especially those who are barely starting out in makeup- but I promise it is supper easy to use.

Tips for using the Temptu:

1) Hold about 10 inches from you face
2) Point the head in a downward angle with circular motion around your face
3) If you have acne or scaring you are trying to conceal, pull back on the "air switch" attached to the head of the machine. Focus it in on the acne or scar you are trying to hid until it is completely concealed. 

And then your done! The set comes with the airbrush machine, two pods of foundation, one blush, and one highlighter. The makeup should last you about 3-4 months if used every day. It cost about $275.00 right now.

This is me after using the Temptu:

Sorry for the goofy pose, Lol- I was trying to catch my face in the light so you could see it in "true lighting". 

Overall this is how I rate the Temptu, 1-10, with 10 being the best:

Coverage: 9, pretty great coverage & pretty even. If hides acne pretty well- scares medium. Dark sports or uneven skin tone it covers great. 

Time consuming: To get the coverage I like (which is full) it takes me about 10-15 mins total. Not too bad, but definitely not faster than my other foundations.

Hypoallergenic: 9- The makeup itself is water based and sweat-proof. It won't clog pores because it is water based and it doesn't require extra brushes, however, I do use a brush to smooth out the complexion.

Color: 9- Color is great with a nice "glowey" finish. However, the color does tend to look a little yellow on areas I wanted extra concealing.

Price: 6- The price is very expensive for the average consumer with the initial investment. Often, this is not the only makeup I use on a day-to-day, I use a variety of products. I think this product is best for a makeup- artist or for someone who wants great coverage with skin sensitivity. But hey, if you have the money to spend on this machine- it is a lot of fun to do for those special night outs! 

I hoped this helped! Good luck on your makeup search!!