Love is in the Air! BFF

Just got pictures back from my best friends wedding.. and I had to share because she looked so beautiful. This was my first time being a "Maid of Honor", and I was so excited to be a part of the whole extraveganza! ..Also decided to throw in some pics from the bachelorette party.. whoo! :)

                   April (Wedding Girl)- and her bridal party. I am on the top right hand side. :)

    I met April at UC Santa Barbara my second year in college and we literally became eachother's lost soul sister.

She is an angel. 
                                     Here I am giving her my maid of honor speech. *Special Moment*
                                                            Her husband- Ramon.
Fact: Me and April have not fought once in all the years we have known each other, which is sometimes weird for girls.
                                                                    Vegas Pool Party

                                                            A night out at the clubs
                                                                  TAO: April & Me