Ahh!!!! Homework! Finals! Work! Staying in Shape! Eating Healthy! Sometimes I become overwhelmed too! Life can get hard sometimes when you have a lot you want to achieve and its not coming fast enough. Today I found myself overwhelmed with my "To Do List". There weren't even that many things on my "To Do List".

1)  Start my Final Paper
2) Update my Resume and turn it in to the local News Station
3) Take my sis to the grocery store
4) Clean the Apartment
5) Workout

Pretty basic right? Well- sometimes when one thing becomes a challenge, everything else turns into mountains of projects. Or is that just me becoming overwhelmed too easily? All I can say is I had to take a moment out of my day to relax and remind myself that I hold the key to my success and to tackle one project at a time. I started with the most important which was "Updating my resume and turning it into the local news station". Then I decided I could handle "Cleaning the apartment"- which led me to "Start my Final Paper". And then you get the point. I really didn't feel like working out, who ever does? But working out is also another important part of my day that can't get neglected- so I mustered up the energy and committed to a nice long up hill walk.

I heard a fantastic quote from the new MTV show, "Chelsea Settles" .. It goes something like..

"NOTHING CHANGES WHEN YOUR COMFORTABLE". So when I start to feel uncomfortable with all the work I must do to get me to my next level, I remember I am aiming for change in my life :)