A Poem Titled "Panic"- Getting Through Your Greatest Challenges




She looked so sad,

She had no one to turn to

Not even her dad.


She had lost all hope,

As I looked deep into her eyes,

I saw she had no way to cope.


She was dismayed, broken, lost,

She cried uncontrollably,

She wished her life away at all cost.


I prayed and with her I cried,

My friend was living,

But by all appearances looked as if she had died.

She must have thought losing her soul mate in a tragic accident would be the hardest occurrence to endure, but it was the months after that tortured her soul and broke her spirit beyond measure.

Watching my once confident and successful friend lose all hope when her boyfriend passed away was like witnessing a slow death of all that lived inside of her. At times, she became someone I didn’t even recognize. Even her physical appearance started to lose its vibrant color.

I didn’t even have the words for her. All I could do was hug her, cry with her, and pray for her. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy. I’ve broken up with boyfriends before, but to lose your soul mate in an instant seemed far too painful to imagine. She had lost her best friend.

What do you do when your best friend is gone? She was my best friend, and I selfishly didn’t want to know the feeling. I pleaded with her to seek professional help, because my words weren’t enough to save her.

When she hit her breaking point, she finally sought help. There is no conclusion to this story, only a question of ‘how do you get through it’? How do you get through the hardest moments of your life?

In reality, I know we all pass away. It’s not morbid to remember this. In some ways, it’s actually exhilarating to me. It puts life in perspective to know that there is one certainty in life and that is death because it forces me to see things in the present and to live without fear. It forces me to embrace the moment, to take risks, and live outside my comfort zone every single day. It reminds me that time is precious and I must not waste it by worrying.

How do you get through the hardest moments of your life? We don’t always have choices over unexpected challenges life may present us with, but our reaction to those challenges is our choice. Where you turn in your greatest moment of difficulty defines your character. I believe we all have tests in life. These tests are meant to take us to an arena we have never fought in before, to give us a new way of thinking, to add wisdom to our character. To make it through this fight, and come out a champion is our test. Prepare yourself everyday for your greatest battles now, by making the choice of where you will turn for affirmation in your challenges of today.