Motivational Monday: Goal Setting

A goal without a plan is just a wish


They say it takes about 1 week for most New Years Resolutions to dissolve. But what separates us from those who keep our resolutions versus those who don’t? A Plan.


If you have a goal that is important to you this year, than lets make a plan to keep you on track.


I am sharing with you my go-to-list for achieving any goal I set:


1.     Define Your Goal


Write it down. What it is… and be specific. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, write down the exact amount you would like to lose.

Or maybe your goal is to get into a new career, write down the career you want to be in for 2015.



2.     Educate Yourself


What does it take for you to achieve your goal? Find out. Do some research, and speak to someone who has achieved the goal you are aiming for. When you have equipped yourself with knowledge, this will help you make better choices for achieving your goal.



3.     Visualize


Picture your goal. Picture yourself achieving your goal. Get comfortable with the feeling of attaining your goal. This will prepare you mentally and motivate you during the process.


4.     Have No Fear


Don’t fear failure. If you don’t get it right the first time, you’re in good company. Many of us don’t get it right the first time, but what prevented you from succeeding? Identify your roadblocks and strategize for how to overcome them in your next attempt. Failure is part of the game.

5.     Believe in Yourself

If you believe in yourself, you’re more than half way there. Sometimes you have to be your biggest cheerleader. Take any energy of self-doubt, and reuse it a fuel.

6.     Get Feedback

Seek advice from someone who is knowledgeable in the goal you are trying to achieve and ask for some constructive criticism.

Happy New Year To You! And remember, you can do anything you’re willing to work for.

Work It!