Motivational Monday: Listen

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
— Sir Winston Churchill

Did you know the same letters used to spell “Listen” are also used spell “Silent”? I use to think those who spoke the loudest were the ones who made the biggest impact in a room. Their voice was always heard over those who didn’t speak up, and because of that, they always won the arguments.


I always wanted to be that person who got the last word in an argument. Turns out… I accomplished nothing with this mindset. My goal was to make sure my point was understood, but instead I turned off minds and ears to what I had to say.


With time, I have come to realize that listening is also a virtue.  Who of us has all the right answers?


We can all learn from one another. Even if someone’s opinion seems so far outlandish, don’t close your ears. They have a reason for feeling the way they feel, and it would value us to understand their point of view.


The practice of listening evolves you. It gives you a different set of eyes and ears from a different background. I want to encourage you to take the opportunity to listen.


Even if the person you are speaking to sounds completely wrong, and you can’t possibly agree with them, listen to their point of view. We all come from different walks of life, with a different economic background, different parents, different heartaches. No one thing will ever look the same to all of us.


Two women can see a picture of a baby, and have two completely feelings about the same picture- and who would be right?


Thank you, and enjoy your Monday evening. 


And finally… A public service announcement from Miss Beyonce.. (If you're not a Bey fan, you can just skip this part). lol