*Fun Friday* Taking Weekends To Greater Heights!

The weekend is almost here! Time for having fun, relaxing, hanging out with loved ones, and rock climbing! Yup, that's right...Rock Climbing! A few weeks ago my family and I went indoor rock climbing at Sender One Climbing. We had such a fun time, we were there for almost 5 hours!

Amariah wall climbing; JJ boulder climbing.

Amariah wall climbing; JJ boulder climbing.

Sender One has rock climbing for the whole family. Though the larger part of the area is designed for rope climbing for adults and bigger children, there is a section called "Funtopia" that is especially designed for smaller children and their parents. To give you a sense of placement for your children, my son is 7 years old and was able to handle the bigger climbing walls, however my daughter who is 5 years old did much better at Funtopia. Also, there is also a boulder area that doesn't require cables to climb on. Every climbing trail is numbered, indicating the level of difficulty; 0 (not difficult at all) - 12 (very difficult).  

One of the things I enjoyed about the experience is that they gave us a quick class to get familiar with the equipment we were working with; they showed us how to tie a climber's knot, how to use the "belay", and introduced us to some climbing terms we used to instruct our partners on what we were going to do next. It was quite fun shouting those terms out like we were professionals. 

Sender One has equipment for rent (adult and kids sizes) or if you have your own climbing gear, you're welcome to bring that as well. The training class we bought came with all the equipment we needed for the day. The best thing is that you pay one price for the whole day! 

You and your family will have a great time with this indoor climbing, guaranteed! Let us know your experience if you decide to try this, or if you've already tried rock climbing of any kind. We love your feedback!  

Take the time to do something different and take your weekends to greater heights! How high will you go?

Tassy, Wall Climbing.

Tassy, Wall Climbing.

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