Motivational Monday: Master Your Emotions

Learning to master your emotions is like being a still rock in a moving ocean
— Stacy

Have you ever felt so emotionally drained from work, school, family, or even by a loved one. How do you regain the strength to get back to the regular routines of life?

Some people choose to push these feelings aside until they burst with an overflow of emotion. Others redirect their emotion to a different activity, such as working out, painting or maybe harmful activity such as overeating, drugs, or violence. The problem that can stem from this behavior is you become dependent on one thing.

These may be options that work for the moment, but mastering your emotions is a more powerful concept. It’s the ability to take control amongst the chaotic movement around you. It is the ability to “achieve peace and prosperity through conscious evolution.”


A few things to keep in mind:


·      We are people who feel energy around us at all times.


·      Emotions = energy in motion


·      Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms.


Listen to your emotions. If you feel bad about something, this is a signal to your brain that you do not like something, or the way it makes you feel. This signal is your guide. With every bad emotion, there is a good emotion. You can depend on your guide because it’s coming from you. Your goal is to gravitate toward the positive emotion.


You can start now by:


1)   Mediate


Sit and clear your mind. Giving yourself the ability to listen to your inner voice allows you to push all the unnecessary noise that is in your ears and clouding your judgment.


2)   Focus


Focus on something that brings you joy. Whether it be an image of your best friend, your child, your niece or nephew, or a song that brings you joy, keep your focus on that. This will start to bring positive energy flowing your way.


3)   Pray


You do not need to be a spiritual person in order to pray. Praying will allow you to speak your emotions out loud, and release them. It is the belief that once you release them, they are no longer in your hands. There is a higher being working on the problems that you could not, or did not want to handle alone.


4)   Surround Yourself with Love

Spend time with those who love and support you (i.e.. Friends, family, support groups). Surrounding yourself with those who support you or uplift you send positive energy your way. They can remind you of how special you are because they see you through different eyes than you see yourself.


If you are having a hard time finding a supportive crowd, send us a message. We believe in empowering you to achieve your goals.

Keep feeling inspired, and stay motivated, we are here to help.


Stacy & Tassy