Fun Friday: Baseball Weekend with the Anaheim Angels!

Fun Friday is here once again! After a long week on the grind, we can finally relax and have a good time with family and friends. Us being Cali chicks, one of our many favorite things to do here in California is go to baseball games; Angels games in particular. This Friday we take you to a very fun and exciting place: Angel's Stadium! 

When some people think of baseball games, they think of boring innings composed of players just batting  and catching. Some think that there isn't enough action in the game of baseball. However, when we went to the Angels game a few weeks ago, we had a blast! For us, going to the game was more than watching our favorite team play and hit home-runs; for us it was about spending time together and making great memories that will last forever. Not to mention the awesome snacks that are sold all over the stadium. 

The Angel's stadium is full of life and entertainment, specifically the live fireworks that go off for every home-run an Angel player hits! Going to an Angels baseball game is guaranteed fun for everyone! So grab your peanuts and soft drinks and lets go out to the ball game!! 

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