Work It Wednesday: Play Nicely

Have you ever been told, "You should play nicely with others"? Well if so, your elders might have been on to something when considering business collaboration. 

For Work-it Wednesday, I wanted to share a work tip I discovered while on the job last week.

A large part of my job is to find creative ways to fundraise money for a charitable cause. A successful event will raise more money than spent, create a platform for bringing awareness to our cause, and make sure people have fun!

If people are having fun, chances are high they will want to come back for another event we throw, and thus we have created positive relationships. I have seen this module used when running a productive business as well. 

As a new business, your objective may be to create awareness in the community you live. One great way to do this is to collaborate with another business. 

Benefits of Collaborating with another Business:

  • Build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Optimize shared service delivery 
  • Foster innovation between parties

This week, our non-profit decided to partner with a beauty & spa business. The theme of our party was called, A Sex In the City evening, which brought out women for a good cause. Women or men, had the opportunity to get blow-out hair style, some champagne, and a cupcake. We had Sexy in the City playing in the background, had a photo booth, and we gave out prizes. 

Because it was a collaboration, a percentage of proceeds went to our charity, all while women had a fun and sassy day out. The business benefits by donating to a great cause and by getting the community aware of their business services and location.

So it literally pay's to play nice with others. I hope this gives you some idea's for your personal business ventures. And let me know if you have proven tips for building your business.

Below are a few pics from our event! 

I am in the middle

I am in the middle