The Birthday of an Executive Woman...

The birthday of an executive woman- Sometimes squeezing in a little birthday time amongst your busy work schedule is the reality for an executive woman.

Many times, working hard toward your goals requires sacrifices and a clear focus. Remember that the sacrifice you offer now is an investment to what you want in your future.

It's great to have a family who cares about special occasions and can remind you to celebrate the good times before they pass. 

For me, this year was special. This was the year I became an Executive Director for a non-profit organization. This has been a year of trial and error, working hard, and having the confidence not to sell myself short.

If I can share advice from my last year, I would say - Don't be afraid to set your bar high and have great expectations for yourself.  Believe in yourself at all cost, and learn to enjoy every step of the process. Every step you take is part of the beautiful journey you are on. Be grateful. Don't expect perfection from yourself, you will make mistakes, but even your mistakes are part of the journey.

Now back to work...


Happy Birthday to all my March Birthday girls! May your year be blessed and rich in love.