[Interview] What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Have you ever felt like giving your younger self a piece of advice? Advice that would prepare you for your future or remind you why you work so hard? As young professional women, we often find ourselves in "grind" mode. However sometimes it's important to put life in perspective. Life is also about love, family, marriage, and hormonal changes (Yes, I said hormonal changes)!  

In this week’s Work It Wednesday, we interviewed a middle-aged professional woman and asked her about the important decisions, which have shaped and changed her life. 


 Interviewee:  Female   Age: 50    


1. What are the two most important positive decisions you made in your life and what was the result of each?


Accepting Jesus as my personal Savior. It has been the beginning of a happy, healthy, and spiritual life style. Reading the Bible has helped and guided me through the journey of life.  It has helped me love and respect people, maintain a healthy love relationship with my husband (celebrating 35 years of marriage on December 1), live a peaceful life, teach and train my children to become better citizens; Most importantly, to love and honor God. I believe that is the reason why my life has been prosperous.


Another would be pursuing an education and completing my undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Having a college degree has opened doors to many job opportunities and has helped me climb up the ladder of opportunity within my school district. I lead a healthier lifestyle, earn more money, and I have health care coverage paid by my employer.  These are some of the benefits of having a college degree.


2. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be and why?


Have a strong relationship with people because we interact with people in all faces of life.  People can make your life easy or miserable. But one thing to always keep in mind is having respect for yourself and others.


3. What is your occupation or life’s work and describe your responsibilities/duties?


I am a Director of Nutrition Services School program. My responsibility as a Director of Nutrition Services is to administer the Child Nutrition Program within a school district. To provide students with attractive, well-balanced, nutritious meals at a reasonable cost; to ensure food safety and sanitation practices; to hire, train, and direct a skilled food service staff; to purchase, receive, and distribute food, equipment, and supplies; to maintain accountability for all meals served and maintain a healthy balanced budget. In 2010, when president Obama passed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, Food Service Directors experienced major changes to the USDA Nutrition Standards. The law provided food security and required improvements in the quality of food sold at school and improvements to teach children healthy habits that last a lifetime. These changes have been positive to our programs. Due to reformation, I have administered Provision 2 at all the school sites in our district, k-12, provide “Super” meals for our Afterschool programs, serve fresh fruit & vegetables in between meals and offer nutrition education to our students.


4. What activities (name at least two) do you do (or know you should do) on a daily/weekly basis and describe how these activities will promote your health at this stage in your life?


To stay healthy and improve ones health, by exercising more frequently and eating a well balanced meal.  

Visit the sick or elderly. This helps take your mind off of “self” and care and reach out to those who may need more attention and help. After all, this is where we are all heading. 


5. What advice would you give a young person to help them have a fulfilled and happy life?


Young people should enjoy every minute of their lives. They should do everything they want to do while they are young. They should travel, take care of their body and mind by exercising and educating themselves. Be responsible and take responsibility on the decision they make, because that will determine the quality of life they will have in the future. And most important, always be thankful to God for everything.


6. What suggestions (list at least two) do you have for a happy marriage and why do you believe these suggestions will have positive outcomes in a marriage?


Enjoy the husband/wife of your youth. Love and respect one another. A sexual relationship is one of the keys to a quality marital relationship. A couple should meet the desires of their spouse in a manner that is satisfying to both spouses. Also, come to an agreement in the important decisions both spouses make. It will strengthen the marriage and build a strong and healthy marriage relationship.


7. Discuss a myth or misconception about middle age adults that you know is not true and why do you know it is not true.


One of the misconceptions I always hear is that “it is hard for middle-aged people to get a college degree because their brain and body begin to slow down”. As a middle-aged adult, I feel ready for another challenge. I recently enrolled in a School of Business Academy offered by my employer. It is important that as we grow older, we stay active and connect socially.


8. Describe your roles & relationships in your family?


I play many roles in my family. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. My husband and I married at the age of seventeen and fifteen years of age, respectively. As a wife, I support my husband in his business obligations and handle our house finances. As a mother: When my children were young, I supported their commitments and desires to become professionals. I helped them develop basic life skills and taught them that, if they put their mind and heart to do something they desire, it would eventually come to them. I was the disciplinary figure as my children were growing up; I made sure they completed their homework, house chores, and followed our house rules. My husband enjoyed playing with them and getting involved with their sports. I would emphasize the importance of preparing for a college. As a grandmother I enjoy and spoil my four wonderful grandchildren.


9. As you have aged, what physical changes (at least two) have been the most problematic for you and why?


Hormonal changes can be very stressful. Due to hormone changes, it causes distress and anxiety.  Also, I experience aches and pains come more frequently.  


10. What financial advice (list at least two) would you give a young person when planning for retirement?


Save as much as you can as early as you can. Do not spend all your money in materials or foolish things. Get a financial advisor to help invest in your future and to start a retirement plan. Think about your future, and quality of life you want to have when you retire and/or can no longer work.