Work It Wednesday: How I Get Ready for an Interview

Hey girls,

I’ve been to a few interviews in my lifetime, and first impressions are everything. Our goal is to make the best possible impression by being prepared, speaking with confidence, and appearing polished.

 I still remember my first interview – It was terrible! I made all the classic mistakes! 

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Motivational Monday: Start to Be Great

For three years, I put off creating my demo reel because I was terrified (and still am) of public speaking.

I still remember the day I filmed my demo, I had a fever, and a perfect excuse to cancel the shoot. The purpose of my reel was to apply for a competitive internship with ABC7’s entertainment department. I knew I had to do it and I really wanted to I prove to myself I could do public speaking.

And that year, I accomplished both goals. 

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Fun Friday: Baseball Weekend with the Anaheim Angels!

Fun Friday is here once again! After a long week on the grind, we can finally relax and have a good time with family and friends. Us being Cali chicks, one of our favorite things to do here in California is go to baseball games; Angels games in particular. This Friday we take you to a very fun and exciting place: Angel Stadium! So grab your peanuts and soft drinks and let's go out to the ball game!

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