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Tight Tuesday: Color Your Sole 5k- A Successful Event!

At first, hosting an event was just an idea that we would throw out, not really knowing if we would be able to actually do it. However, when you have two dedicated women, who are motivated to inspire women, and others, you can be sure that we will find a way to accomplish our goals! We cannot express how grateful and happy we are that our very first WorkIt-Girl event was such a success! We want to take the time to thank each of our sponsors, donors, and participants! Without all of you, this couldn't have been possible. We Love You All! 

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How To Train For A 5K

Completing a 5k can bring you a ton of courage and confidence in other challenges you may find yourself in. In conjunction with our Color Your Sole 5k Event (taking place on Saturday, March 28, 2015), we wanted to bring you some steps on how to start training for a 5k. These training steps are not vigorous and yes, we have the beginning runners in mind. 

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