Transformation Tuesday: Valerie Garcia

I believe every obstacle and error has helped mold me into what I am today
— Valerie Garcia

For this week's Transformation Tuesday we feature another strong and beautiful mother. Valerie Garcia is a mother of four gorgeous daughters, she is a wife, and a "mompreneur". As difficult as it is to raise a family of 6, Valerie has not lost sight of her ultimate goal: maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

Having to keep up with four daughters, Valerie found it difficult at times to find the energy she needed to get through the day. After the birth of her 4th daughter, about 3 years ago, she decided she wanted to feel like she did in high school...young and full of energy. Valerie started her weight-loss journey by using supplements and body wraps. "Usually that's not the way to start, but for me, it was just what I needed to give me the jump start to eat well and work out". 


After deciding to dedicate her time to living healthy, Valerie soon started to put together a system that will work for her type of lifestyle. Valerie started meal prepping; her meals consisted of whole foods, limited grains, and she ate lots of protein, fruit and vegetables. Instead of settling for the delicious soda or fruit punch, Valerie's favorite drink during her journey was water and iced green tea. Along with her clean eating came a basic, yet promising, workout routine. Every other day Valerie's routine was: squats, jumping jacks, stairs, and floor bridges. Thats not it...Valerie would also walk her dog for 15 minutes, every other day. 

Valerie's 3 Golden Rules For Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: Eat good food, don't deprive yourself, be consistent. 


As simple as Valerie's routine might sound, finding time to focus on her health and fitness was very difficult. At times, she felt that it was easier to just throw in the towel. However, Valerie knew that this was just the beginning. "Looking at my progress pictures and my high school pictures were one way that helped me stay on track, as well as my supporters on Instagram and Facebook. I have the best followers!" After every few pounds lost, Valerie would reward herself for staying committed to her goal. Sometimes Valerie would treat herself to some nail polish, as well as equipment to enhance her fitness routines. One time, Valerie rewarded herself with a NutriBullet and took her wellness to the next level!

Valerie's ultimate focus and motivation came from her loving daughters. "I want to be able to keep up with my girls and have the energy it takes to be there for them. At one point, before my wellness journey, I didn't have the energy to get up and get them dressed for school. I never want to get to that point again. My pregnancies took a toll on my body." 

With Valerie's highest weight being 195 pounds, she is currently 149 pounds. Valerie has lost a total of 46 pounds and still counting! Through every trial Valerie has faced, she still wouldn't change a thing about her journey. "I believe every obstacle and error has helped mold me into what I am today. I just wish I would have started sooner." 

On her way to becoming the healthiest she's ever been, Valerie also discovered something very important about herself. "I found that I am passionate about health and wellness. I grew to love nutrition and fitness so much that I studied integrative nutrition and I am currently studying personal training." 

Valerie, Congratulations On Your Weight-Loss Journey!

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