Transformation Tuesday: Andrea Badena Jimenez

It Only Gets Easier. It’s A New Struggle Everyday, But Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day. Take It One Pound At A Time.”
— Andrea B. Jimenez

This week we are continuing our "Transformation Tuesday" with the special story of Andrea B. Jimenez. As a mother, she knows first hand how difficult it can be to juggle family, work, and health. Andrea is one of the strongest mothers we know who changed her way of life for the benefit of her and her family. 

At 209 pounds, Andrea's weight not only affected her play time with her daughter, but the weight drastically affected her health as well. Andrea's weight suddenly became an issue with her diabetes and her high blood pressure. At this point she knew her condition was out of control, and she needed to change her lifestyle immediately. Andrea's turning point was realizing that if she didn't gain control, her health problems would control how she lived the rest of her life. 

In the beginning of Andrea's journey, she was trying to fight off the 70 pounds she had gained post-pregnancy, along with the weight she had before the pregnancy. Looking at how her weight was setting her back from usual family activities, she said "enough is enough!" Andrea changed her diet a whole 360 degrees (counting calories and exercising 5 times a day), from one day to the next, and has never looked back. 


Andrea's 3 Golden Rules are for maintaining a healthy lifestyle: "Get lots of sleep, never skip a meal, stay active." 

For a hard-working mother like Andrea, keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is a constant battle. For some mothers it's simple to just give-up and give in to all the simple fast food dinners to get the family through the day. However, Andrea says "giving up isn't an option". Andrea has been working tremendously hard to fight and keep the weight off. Andrea's primary focus through her weight loss journey is her daughter, "the many years I still want to have with her is what drives me. My daughter is a toddler, so I need all the energy I can get to keep up with her. With all the weight I have lost, I now have that necessary energy." When asked how she stays motivated she responded, "It's just become a lifestyle for me now. I also remind myself that I never want to become that person I once was...a quitter." Clearly, Andrea has proven to herself that the "old her" is dead and gone! To reward herself for the incredible work and time she spends on maintaining her health, she buys herself little gifts after every 20 pounds that she loses. At first it was buying a fitness calorie tracker, then Andrea shifted her attention to the lovely world of workout gear (shoes, shirts, etc.), now she enjoys spa days and dinner and a movie with her husband. 

Andrea has lost a total of 95 pounds, to this day, and plans to continue on her weight loss journey and maintain a healthy lifestyle for her future self and to lead her growing family in the right direction. "Through this all, I've remained humble and I'm becoming a better person. I love to help and inspire those who are battling these situations in their own lives."  Andrea has learned so many things while researching fitness and health, and she wants you to know that "it only gets easier. It's a new struggle everyday, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Take it one pound at a time."

Andrea, Congratulations On Your Weight Loss Journey!

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