Tight Tuesday: Color Your Sole 5k- A Successful Event!

Color Your Sole 5k- A WorkIt-Girl.com Event @ Lake Cahuilla, La Quinta, CA.

Color Your Sole 5k- A WorkIt-Girl.com Event @ Lake Cahuilla, La Quinta, CA.

At first, hosting an event was just an idea that we would throw out, not really knowing if we would be able to actually do it. We didn't know what type of event we wanted to host or where we would even start. However, when you have two dedicated women, who are motivated to inspire and encourage others, you can be sure that we will find a way to accomplish our goals! We cannot express how grateful and happy we are that our very first WorkIt-Girl event was such a success! 

Color Your Sole was an event to not only encourage a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, but it was a celebration of life and to help out those in our community who are currently battling cancer and to honor our cancer survivors! As our guest speaker, and cancer survivor, Raquel Jimenez Canela said, cancer lives with all of us; it affects everyone who has, or had, a loved one with cancer. We are all out to fight the battle and your support means so much! 

We want to take the time to thank each of our sponsors, donors, and participants! Through your support in this event, we learned that the stronger the bond, the more resilient we are. We are truly grateful for your participation in making our event successful, and we look forward to teaming up with you all in future events. Thank you!

 Music provided by Those Dvdes Thvt DJ. Find them at https://www.facebook.com/TDTDJ

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

Riverside County Regional Parks & Open Space District

Javier Estrada, CPA in Costa Mesa, CA

The Coca-Cola Company

Those Dvdes Thvt DJ

The Balloon Ninja

Janine Judy 


5k Participants: Listed below are the times each of you came in. Congratulations and Thank You for completing the Color Your Sole 5k!

*We apologize, some times were unable to track.

**Proceeds of Color Your Sole 5k benefitted the American Cancer Society's

Relay for Life of La Quinta, CA**