Thursday Temptation: Flu Juice

Every where I turn lately, someone is either coughing, sniffling, or burning up with fever. Yes, the flu season is back once again; although it seems like the last flu season never went away. Once everyone hears that the flu season is coming around, they all want to rush to their doctor to get their influenza shot. However, personally, I feel that the best way to fight or prevent the flu is by fueling your body with the natural vitamins and minerals it needs.

As a mother, I like resorting to natural cures for my children, rather than taking them to the doctor every time they get sick. If one child gets sick, the other gets the sickness right after. Both my children are currently dealing with flu symptoms and one of them actually has a viral respiratory infection. Since it's viral, the doctor wasn't able to prescribe any antibiotics. So, I started to kick it into "mommy mode" and started shuffling for natural remedies. 

A vitamin C juice did the trick! Some studies have shown that vitamin C can help prevent further complications during the flu/cold season, such as pneumonia and lung infections. Vitamin C has other functions that are important to the human body: maintains cartilage and bones, strengthens the immune system and absorbs iron, just to name a few. 

The juice I created has two simple ingredients: a peeled orange and a green apple. Both of which are jam packed with vitamin C, and are a kid-favorite in their solid state. 


Here's What You Need: 

1. Peeled orange

2. Green Apple (without core and seeds)

3. 1/2 cup water

4. Blender

5. Enjoy!

"This is the best juice on the universe!"- My son Jason (JJ)

"This is the best juice on the universe!"- My son Jason (JJ)

My children loved the drink and now they ask me to make it everyday. According to my son JJ, "This is the best juice in the universe!" I love that I'm fueling their body with vitamins, and yet they just see it as a delicious drink!

If you're feeling under the weather, I recommend trying this juice. It has helped my kids overcome the flu little by little. And, if your loved one(s) are going through the flu/cold season, make it for them. Show them you love and care for them...sometimes a little love is all they need. 




If you have any drinks or home remedies you would like to share, please let us know in the comments section for all of our fellow WorkIt-Girls to read. We enjoy hearing from you! Thank you and enjoy this Thursday Temptation!