New Year, New Goals, New You

"I Attribute My Success To This:

I Never Gave Or Took Any Excuse."

Florence Nightingale

The new year is upon us and many of us are looking to change; change our goals, change our lifestyle. Leaving 2014 in the past gives us a fresh start and gives us perspective on how we should change the way we do things now. I have been talking to my friends and family, and a lot of them are setting fitness and lifestyle goals; many of them have never set foot in the gym and others are feeling that they need to get back on their workout routines. 

Personally, I feel that I am on the same boat as most. For many, the holidays are about family gatherings and lots of feasts. Being surrounded by all that delicious food, a workout routine was the last thing on my mind, I'm not going to lie.

As hard as change might sound, we need to think of the bigger picture. We need to do this for us, for you. Now some might say "I don't have time", "It's too hard", "I don't know how to"...well that's what we're here for, motivation and support! Giving excuses and letting others make excuses for you will never get you to the top. No matter where you start, in order to succeed you need to give it all you got. For those who are just getting started on working out, don't kill yourself at the gym, take a step at a time. Start with a light walk and very little/light weight training; getting started is the biggest step you can take on the road to accomplishing your goals. 

I have put together a quick, light workout that we can all do to get our feet wet before we dive in! This workout is for beginners and for those who are advanced but have taken a little time off of gym life. 


1. 30 minute walk/jog

2. 20-40 squats

3. 10-20 lunges on each leg

4. 10-30 sit-ups

5. 20-40 jumping jacks

                                                                                                      6. 10-20 push-ups (regular or modified)



One of our major goals is to empower women and motivate them to succeed. If we all aim to make this happen, there's no telling how far we can take each other. It's our time to get it right, and get it tight! 

For more simple yet effective exercises, please leave a comment on the post and we will get to you right away. If you would like to share some of your workout tips for other readers, please feel free to share in our comments. Thank you!