Tight With Tass Tuesday!! Buddy Workout

Have you ever wondered how you can make your workouts fun but yet still keep them intense? Last weekend my sister and I were having a hard time finding the motivation to workout. Then we thought, "why not create a workout that is fun and effective but requires a team effort?" So we created a few workouts that can be done with a buddy or simply by yourself. Check out this week's Tight with Tass Tuesday- Buddy Edition!

Workout List:

1. Buddy Push Up/ Squats: As many people may know, push-ups are a great upper body and core workout. Push-ups work your back, arms, and also strengthen your core. Squats are another great workout that tones multiple muscles such as your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and a little bit of calves. Squats are great for toning that stubborn tushy. For this workout, one person starts by laying on their stomach, ready for a push-up position. The buddy positions themselves at their partner's feet and raises their partner's legs to hip level. As one is performing the push-up, the other is doing the squat at the same time. Do this for 5-10 reps. The sets you complete is based on your fitness level. I recommend 2 sets.

2. Buddy Leg Raises: Leg raises are great for toning that lower abdominal area that a lot of us have trouble with. While doing leg raises, keep your belly button in, and maintain a contracted core the whole time. For this buddy exercise, both partners are laying on their backs with just enough distance for them to pass the ball easily. When the partner has the ball, they must raise their hips with their legs straight up, come back to starting position and pass the ball to their partner. Do this for 10-15 reps. I recommend doing at least 2 sets.

**These workouts can be done solo, if you prefer to do them without buddy assistance.**

I feel that the best motivation to workout is finding a workout buddy. Working out with someone who recognizes and understands your fitness goals, gives you the extra push you need to achieve those goals. A workout buddy is someone who doesn't let you settle for the normal set, but tells you "One More!!".  So grab your Best Bud and have a great and fun workout! Enjoy!