Thirsty Thursday: A Fat Burner...

"Quema Grasa"

"Quema Grasa"

After a bad day of eating, I usually mix in a few consecutive healthy days to balance out the week. Eating junk food can seem harmless for one day, and in some occasions it is! However, it can slowly add up without you even realizing.

My mom always tells me, "For one bad day of eating, you have to eat three healthy ones just to stay even." I don't know if thats exactly true, but I understand the logic. 

There is a great article by Vicki Santillano, titled, "5 Bad Things That Immediately Happen to Your Body When You Eat Sugary Junk Food," which details the chemical reaction your body immediately experiences by eating badly. 

According to Vicki, your body releases stress hormones, it causes our hearts to work harder than normal, and we convert bad food into fat.

So in an effort to combat those occasional cheat days, try this fat burning juice recipe properly titled "Quema Grasa." 

"Quema Grasa" means to burn fat, and is packed with a combination of delicious and healthy power fruits. 



Quema Grasa

- 1 Cup of Pineapple (for anti- Inflammatory)

- 1 Bowl of Spinach (for beauty)

-1 Celery (for cleaning intestine)

-6 Leaf Romaine Lettuce (for health)

-2 Bananas (for fullness)

1 Cup of Water 


Enjoy your cheat days! And let me know if you try this delicious recipe!