Tight With Tass Tuesday! Look Cute at the Gym

We've all had those days when we just can't find the motivation to get up and go to the gym. Some of us would rather get dressed up and go out or simply just lay around and not do anything. But, what if I told you that dressing up for the gym can actually build that motivation? 

Now when I say "dressing up", I don't mean going in 6" heels and your clubbing outfit! What I mean is that you can buy or make cute workout clothes at a very low cost. For me, getting cute workout clothes gets me really motivated to go to the gym. When I "feel" cute while working out, it makes me workout harder. 

This week, us workit-girls decided to give you a video demonstrating how to create your own workout shirt. After doing our first shirt, so many other ideas have come to mind for our future "work it" shirts. So if you're having a tough time with this type of issue, check out this quick video we made especially for you!

Check back with us every Tuesday for more tips & workouts! Have a Tight Tuesday!