Rejuvenating Refresher

So summer is approaching and a lot of us are doing our BEST to get fit and show our sexy curves or washboard abs (Right?) But with all that hard work, we also have to find the time to refresh our bodies with rejuvenating vitamins and minerals.

This last week my husband and I bought a great blender (Ninja 1100). As excited as we are about it, we decided to try out some delicious healthy drinks. One drink that we fell in love with is a simple Watermelon Juice.  Now some think that because the sugar watermelon contains, it isn’t that much of a “healthy” fruit. However, the sugar in watermelon isn’t the same sugar that is harmful to your body; it's natural sugar which is good for your body.

Garnished with Watermelon Slice

Garnished with Watermelon Slice

Here are some Health Benefits you can gain by drinking Watermelon Juice:  

  1. Energy Booster- Watermelon serves as a natural energy enhancer because it contains 91% water, has natural sugar, and is an excellent source of Vitamin B. 
  2. Physical & Mental Conditioning- After a vigorous workout, drinking a glass of watermelon juice not only quenches your thirst but also boosts your physical and mental condition with its rejuvenating properties. 
  3. Low-Risk of Developing Diseases- Because watermelon is rich in antioxidants, it is said that these properties can lower your risk of acquiring diseases such as arthritis, colon cancer, kidney stones, asthma, and the like.
  4. Low- Cholesterol/Fat- A glass of watermelon juice can be counted as a complete meal by itself.  Watermelon contains protein, water, sugar, and other minerals that make up a complete meal.
  5. Prevents Anemia, etc.- The seeds in watermelon are jam-packed with iron! Drinking these with your watermelon juice can prevent or fight off the risk of developing anemia and other low-iron related diseases.

Watermelon Juice...Simple as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Cut Watermelon Into Pieces
  2. Add About 1-2 Cups of Water
  3. Add Ice Cubes (Optional)


In order for your external body to look great at the beach or that summer pool party, you must also take care of your internal body components. Drinking this excellent Watermelon Juice can fuel your body with necessary nutrients in just one glass!