Tight Tuesday: Leg Workout & Video

Leg Day! Who doesn't love leg day?! Working out your legs is, in my opinion, the best workout you can give your body. Although you're focusing on your legs, you also workout your core by trying to balance yourself, and your arms by holding the free weight needed for your legs. 

For this week's Tight Tuesday, we decided to put together a Leg Workout that will have your legs looking and feeling toned in a matter of TWO WEEKS! We have put so much time into this workout to ensure results and provide you with quality exercises. Now let's get into the FUN!

Workout List:

  1. Back Squat (3 Sets of 12- 15 Reps): **TARGET= QUADS, HAMSTRINGS, GLUTES, CALVES** You would perform this as a usual squat. Be sure to start with a weight that is comfortable for you and isn't too hard on your back either. Place the weight bar at the top of your shoulders, behind your neck. If you don't have a weight bar, feel free to use dumbbells. As you come back up to your starting position, SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES! Doing this helps tone the bottom of your glutes to get that lifted "bum". 
  2. Front Squat (3 Sets of 12-15 Reps): **TARGET= QUADS, HAMSTRINGS, GLUTES, CALVES** This exercise is the same as the back squat, only you hold the weight bar in front of you, right under your chin. How you hold the bar is based on how you feel comfortable holding it. Just be sure to keep it right below your chin so that your arms aren't in the way of doing the squat.
  3. Single-Leg Extensions (2 Sets of 15-20 Reps): **TARGET=QUADS** This one is pretty basic. While sitting on the Leg Extension machine, adjust the weight so that you're able to lift it with only one leg. When performing this exercise, be sure to do it in a slow, controlled motion.
  4. Double-Leg Extension (1 Set of 30 Reps): **TARGET= QUADS** This exercise should be done right after your last set of single-leg extensions. Before you start, be sure to increase the weight you previously used. For example, I do 45lbs on my single-leg extensions, and 60lbs on my double leg; because using both my legs, I can handle more weight. 
  5. Deadlifts (3 Sets of 12-15 Reps): **TARGET=HAMSTRINGS** For this exercise, it is very important to KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT to avoid injury on your lower back. Hold the bar at arms length and lower it as far as you can go, until you feel a pull on your hamstrings. The pull I'm talking about isn't a hard pull or anything that should result in an injury. It's more of an alert that that muscle is being used. Do this move slowly and with focus on your hamstrings. 
  6. Reverse Leg Raises (3 Sets of 15-20 Reps): **TARGET=GLUTES** For this one, you simply stand up straight, and raise your leg backwards, as high as you can go. Make sure you feel the top of your glutes working. For balance, be sure you hold on to something sturdy.
  7. Side Leg Raises (3 Sets of 15-20 Reps): **TARGET=GLUTES**  Stand up straight, and lift your leg sideways as far up as you can go. For balance, be sure you hold on to something sturdy.

We hope you enjoy this workout. And remember, NEVER MISS LEG DAY! 

Have a great week, and please continue to check back with us. Thank you everyone for the support!