Work It Wednesday! Meet Blogger Daniella Bature

The power of the internet is real, and new careers are being birth from this platform. Think about how much time you spend online? Now if you're online... you better believe your friends are here. Therefore, it is safe to assume this is a new era, where your opinions can either serve or harm. If you use your voice, and opinions to help others, then you're positively impacting the internet population in way that is so necessary in today's cyber bullying world. 


Let me introduce you to a girl on a mission. 

In this week's Work It Wednesday, we meet Ms. Daniella Bature. 

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Daniella Bature

Daniella writes a lifestyle blog created to inspire girls to live out loud! She started blogging as a way to share her life experiences and support girls during their growing stages into adulthood. This is when Dates With Danie was born!

I wished deep down I had someone or somewhere to find the information I needed...during the transition of being a little girl to a young adult woman.

Check out Daniella's interview, as she discusses what inspired her to write and how she plans to make a full career out of using her experiences to inspire girls around the world. 

1.    How did you choose your career?

I actually  stumbled on blogging. I knew deep down I wanted to share my life experiences with other girls who were like me. You know that stage of life where you’re transitioning from being a little girl to being a young adult woman, and just going through a lot of challenges? I was in that stage and I wished deep down I had someone or somewhere to go to find the information I needed in order to grow. That's what made me start my blog.


2.    In your opinion, what would you say are the top three characteristics/traits to be successful in your blogging?

Personally, I am always on the search for the secrets to successful blogging. You can always find me searching for blogging tips from Google, blogging websites, Pinterest, webinars and researching the top bloggers in my field. But, I would say, the most successful bloggers are consistent! They create amazing and unique content and they add personality into their content.

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3.    What do you find most rewarding about your career?

The most rewarding part of blogging would have to be, that in my own little way, my posts inspire people. From the comments I get on my blog, to the DMs I get on Instagram, and the personal messages readers and followers send me from people I don’t know telling me they found and read through my blog -- I’m just so overwhelmed. That kind of feedback really keeps me motivated when I feel discouraged.

4.    How would you rate your income?

Right now, at the stage of blogging I am at, I am just starting to monetize my blog. I will tell you you, blogging has the potential to earn you a full-time income if you’re willing to do the work. For now, I earn a little from working with brands through sponsored posts and freelance writing for websites. I also have my blog approved for AdSense and am signed up to some affiliate sites.

5.    Tell us about how you landed into blogging

When I was much younger, I had no idea I would ever own a blog and I wasn’t exposed to the blogging world as a reader either. I happened to land into this just because I felt deep down that I had something to share and I just had to find a way to share it with the world.

6.    What is your background? Did you have to go to school for what you are doing?

No. I didn’t particularly go to any school for blogging. I have taught myself a lot and there is still a lot I don’t know which I’m learning every day. There are lots of courses, e-books, and webinars that aspiring bloggers can lean a lot from.


7.    What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to be in your field?

Oh wow! The best piece of advice I can give, based on what I know now, is to start! If you keep waiting for everything to be perfect, you’d never do anything. The sooner you start, the sooner you achieve your blogging goals and dreams. So just start! Pick a name. Don’t have the money yet, start a free blog and take it from there.

If you keep waiting for everything to be perfect, you will never do anything...

8.    Being a busy woman, what do you like to do on your free time?

I like to catch up on videos from my favorite YouTubers and bloggers. I love watching my favorite TV shows – Skinny Girl in Transit, Empire, Being Maryjane; reading and finding new blogs and oh, Instagram. I love Instagram.

9.    What do you value most in a career? Ex. Money, fun, work life balance?

Being able to discuss my thoughts, experiences, adventures, knowledge and expertise. I really value the opportunity to do that.

10.  Do you have any other goals you strive to achieve?

I have lots of goals I want to achieve. Lots and lots. One is to have the freedom to blog full time. That would be a dream come true!

11.  What is the greatest lesson you have learned? What would you do differently if given a second chance?

If given a chance, I would have started my blog much sooner! I’ve learned so many lessons, it’s hard to say which is the greatest but I’ve learned never to compare myself to top bloggers, just to be original and authentic.

12. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I hope to have taken my blog to so many levels. Improved in so many areas. Built my following, my readership, my views and worked with some amazing brands while inspiring so many young women out there. I hope to be a full time award winning blogger, content creator, and digital influencer by then.


I’ve learned so many original and authentic


Bio: Daniella Bature is a lifestyle blogger who talks about the life, style, emotions, issues and experiences of a little girl becoming a young woman in ways other young girls like her can relate to 100%.