Liz Works It

Some just want to be good at their job. Some want to be great at their job. And a few want and will be undeniable at their job.#workharder
— Liz Hernandez


If you know me, you know I admire Liz Hernandez. I have followed her career ever since she was co-host on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio, broadcasted from Los Angeles, CA.


If you are not familiar with Liz, she is also nicknamed “Luscious Liz" for her Latina curves. In her career she has become an E! News correspondent, worked on the red carpet for MTV, became a morning co-host on 104.3 FM, a calendar beauty, and most recently accepted a position as a celebrity correspondent for Access Hollywood.


One of the reason’s I admire Liz is she seems to have made a gradual career in the field of entertainment, all while maintaining a positive attitude and classy image. She seems to always carry herself in love and exudes gratefulness; qualities hard to find in a competitive field such as entertainment television. 


This weekend I was really excited to attend her first class titled #HowLizWorks. She discussed some important lessons she has learned along her path and shared with the group.


Personally, as a woman who is constantly aiming to improve herself and find ways to encourage others along the way, I found Liz’s talk very inspirational on multi-levels. Liz titled her class #HowLizWorks, and encouraged those who have followed her career that they were capable of achieving their own successes as well.


When starting “Work It Girl,” I realized there were many women like myself who have goals and ambitions, and aim to achieve these goals while also balancing out a family life and looking effortlessly fly while doing so. I titled this site after these girls.


Liz’s open discussion reflected an ambition I have as well, which is to encourage women to pursue their goals. However, through her class, I realized I wasn’t fully pursuing my career ambitions. My dream has always been to be an interviewer, writer, and speaker. Everyday I make an effort to do something that contributes to these goals, which is why I write and edit "Work It Girl."


Liz touched on a few lessons that are great mantras to live by. Two that really clicked with me were:


1. Don't Just Be On Time, Be Early


Liz spoke about the importance of not just being on time, but also being early. Co- Workers will began to recognize you as accountable, and in return they will trust you with a greater level of responsibility. And being trusted with more responsibility means you would have more opportunity for growth.


2. Don’t Always Assume Everyone Wants What You Want


This was a big one for me. Although this was not one of Liz's main points, she went into a discussion about how often we stand in our own way assuming there is limited space for what we want, and everyone is competing for that one spot. It’s the fear of competing with others.


I found this to be interesting because as women, we naturally tend to have a nurturing side to us. But often in the business world, we are told we have to be competitive and strategic. It was refreshing to hear someone as kind hearted as Liz say that you don’t have to fear the “competition,” there is enough space for everyone to achieve exactly what they want if they are willing to work at it everyday.


Liz ended her class with a Q&A, and she expressed how along her path, people have recognized her as someone who is hard working and have helped her along the way. She spoke about the importance of not using others to get ahead, but to remain genuine and true to you.


For those of you who may struggle with achieving your goals for fear of being pushed out of your lane, I want to encourage you to write down your goals and work toward them. Nothing can beat out a person who is unwilling to give up.


Have a wonderful Wednesday! Be Fearless and Work It!