That was Awkward…

Professionalism at work goes a long way. Have you ever had a really awkward situation happen at work?


Let’s face it, awkward situations happen all the time. It can feel very unsettling to return to your place of “production” when all you can do is reminisce on uncomfortable situations.


I recently had a very uncomfortable situation happen while I was on the job. Chances are, if you are in your position long enough, you will come across someone who doesn’t particularly like you or “wish you the best.” Call it the completion or call it hating, either way, you most likely will come across a non-fan in your lifetime.


Or maybe it will be less dramatic, but more of a human resources issue. Maybe you come across a male who may push the envelope with you at work.. No pun intended.

After you have addressed the problem in the proper manner, *through work approved protocol*, you still have to return to the scene of the crime.

Some of my favorite professionals have given me these gems as advice:


1.     Always remain professional.

2.     Do not get involved with office politics,

3.      And remember what you are at work for and give it your 100%


Yes, you should enjoy your job. You should love what you do, but loving what you do means you will put passion into the quality of your work. Always remain professional. You can’t go wrong when you don’t do wrong. Stay focused on you goal.


Have a great rest of your week!